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dancing dani in darlinghurst!

day 385…


met my darling dancing dani in darlinghurst (see what i did there :P) this fine wednesday evening for a spot of thai @ spice i am. ’twas most devine…such beautiful flavours! we decided to finish off our delicious dinner with some dessert…and what better place to go whilst in darlinghurst than the wonderful and amazing gelato patisserie that is messina’s!!

if you have never been here then get there stat!! it is absolutely unbelievable! we nabbed ourselves a ‘mini me’ (dark chocolate gelato covers a centre of dulce de leche which sits upon peanut butter cookie. the stalk is vanilla gelato which sits on a ‘grass’ of popping candy & feuilletine biscuit…drool!!) and an ‘arabian knights’ (little domes of pistachio gelato and rosewater marshmallow coated in orange scented chocolate, sitting on a flourless chocolate biscuit base. topped off with a choc velvet spray and a stick of dark chocolate and pistachio crumbs…incredible!!). we we’re beyond excited! pretty sure we scared the locals with our bouts of excited glee! haha!